In 1972, company founder Jack Behnken moved his family from Battle Creek, Mich. to Ogden, Utah and began building his dream which was then called Animal Nutrition.

From very humble beginnings and after much hard work, Jack saw his company grow from one small dry kibble manufacturing plant near the railroad in Ogden, Utah to a nationwide network of pet food manufacturing plants in:

  • Ogden, Utah
  • Phoenix, Ariz.
  • Woodland, Wash.
  • Hazleton Township, Pa.

Jack passed away in early 2007, but his legacy of quality petfood manufacturing continues to be driven by his son, Bill Behnken, CEO and President.

Today, American Nutrition, is a leading manufacturer of quality pet foods for your dog or cat. If you are looking for a pet food manufacturer to professionally produce cat and dog food products, we invite you to explore our capabilities and contact us.





American Nutrition started by manufacturing single component, dry-extruded dog and cat foods. 

Today our capabilities have grown to:

  • Producing multi-color, multi-shape dog and cat foods
  • Meal or real meat-based products
  • Baked dog foods and dog biscuits, as well as canned dog and cat foods all in various price ranges
  • Custom formulas
  • Testing
  • Logistics
  • Packaging

We source standard and exotic ingredients from around the world for our customers, and are always looking for new ingredient ideas.  We can utilize most packaging materials and configurations in our manufacturing plants

Our team can take a project from idea to finished product quickly, so please contact us to get started!





We're All About Quality

You want a supplier who has a reliable Pet Food Safety and Quality Assurance program in place every day so you know your private brand is protected. 

At American Nutrition, providing quality products is our main focus. We have a dedicated vice president of food safety and quality systems who has extensive experience in food grade manufacturing. In addition, our quality assurance director has many years' experience in pet food manufacturing. 

Both the vice president of food safety and quality systems and quality assurance director have personnel in each of our manufacturing plants who work diligently to ensure the products we manufacture and ship are safe for their end consumer; the dogs and cats who are fed your products.




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